Chef Kawamura was born and raised in a family of fisherman in an area of Japan blessed with a rich natural environment. Because of his immersion from an early age in seafood, the best taste and character of seafood is brought out in each dish he creates using his unique combination of Western and Japanese cooking styles. Japan is a country surrounded by the ocean, and thus has a long history of processing seafood. As a result, the level of processing techniques which Japanese fishermen, merchants and chefs possess is among the world’s best.
Chef Kawamura creates his original full course meal featuring fresh seasonal seafood making full use of these prominent processing techniques.






Scallop, Orient clam, Mirugai clam, Asari clam, Surf clam
Japanese spiny lobster, Kuruma shrimp, Sakura shrimp
Sea bream, Young ayu (sweetfish)
Spear squid, Oval squid, firefly squid, etc



Sea urchin, Swimming crab, Sea eel
Abalone, Pike conger, Ayu (sweetfish)
Oyster, Horsehair crab, etc



Salmon roe, Tuna, Rosy seabass
Eel, Soft-shelled turtle, Japanese amberjack, etc


Snow crab, King crab, Horsehair crab
Soft cod or blowfish roe
Sea urchin
Oyster, etc
*We also serve wagyu (Japanese black) beef as a main dish all year round.





Lunch ¥6,600 ¥9,400
Dinner ¥9,400 ¥15,200
A ¥550 cover charge per person will be added to your bill.
Dinner menus are subject to 10% service charge.


  *All prices include tax.